About Runningforthehills20

Running for the Hills was founded and is run by two keen, experienced trail runners who also happen to be UK Athletics Coaches. Like most of you, we have a great passion for trail running and, having bored our family and friends with tales of the trail, we thought we'd put our experience and knowledge to good use by creating this blog. We hope that you find something valuable within our pages. If you do, please share, if not let us know how we can help.

Our Account of the Butcombe Trail Ultra Marathon – 56 Miles

And just like that it was all over (well after 13.5 hours on our feet). Three years of preparing, training, running trails and getting familiar with the routes for a race that I was determined [...]

Best Trail Running shoes for Wide Feet in 2022

Squashed toes, bunions, lost toenails, tight fitting shoes, blisters… for those of us with wider feet, the struggle is real. When it comes to wider feet, the two main queries are which are the best [...]

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