Best Trail Running Shoes for Wide Feet 2024

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Squashed toes, bunions, lost toenails, tight-fitting shoes, blisters… for those of us with wider feet, the struggle is real. When it comes to wider feet, the two main queries are which are the best wide-fit trail shoes for running and which have the widest toe box. If you struggle with the mainstream trail running shoe, we take a look at those considered to be a wider fit, and those that have a wide version to give you an idea of the best shoes for you. Whether you are looking for the best men’s or women’s trail running shoes for wide feet, we have listed our top picks below. Our reviews are based on personal experience and the shoes that have suited us starting with our absolute favourite of the moment. 

Updated Jan 2024

Hoka Speedgoat 5 for Wide Feet 

As someone who struggles to find great fitting shoes because of my wide feet, I have to say these are a dream. The Hoka Speedgoat isn’t so much designed for speed as it is for comfort which makes it the ideal companion when looking to cover extreme distances. Favoured by many top trail ultra runners, and ourselves, the Hoka Speedgoat 5 for wide feet comes in a D width for women and an E fit for men. 

Renowned for all terrains, it has somewhat of a reputation as being a shoe that can grind out the miles over longer distances including slow training runs and ultra distances of 50 miles or more.  This shoe is great on moderate, technical, rocky terrain and with a GTX version, is also perfect for wet and muddy conditions. This is an all-rounder of a shoe and is bound to serve you well. 

If you want a shoe that features all the latest benefits that trail running shoes for wide feet have to offer then the Hoka Speedgoat 5 will not disappoint meaning your feet won’t get crushed and you won’t end up with battered feet at the end of every long run. Say goodbye to bunions, blisters, and sore toes with a wide trail shoe that is designed to support and nurture your feet. 

The reviews suggest that you don’t need to go up a size, something those with wider feet often do to get the roomier toe box however, if you have longer toes that tend to smash against the front of the shoe, you may still want to go up a size, or at least a half. 

The Hoka Speedgoat 5 is known by many, and carries the slogan as a ‘workhorse of a shoe; It literally eats up the miles. It also translates from road to trail well too.  Currently, this is our top pick for wide fit trail shoes.




Altra Lone Peak 7

While the Speedgoat 5 is a great shoe for going the distance, another great contender for best wide-fit trail shoes is the Altra Lone Peak 7. This shoe tops the poll for best wide trail shoe in many top trail running shoe blogs and is widely praised as a contender for those with a wider foot. 

The beauty of these shoes is that they provide an excellent all-round grip with a great ground feel. They have a roomy toe box and fit true to size. They are designed as a great all-rounder and a wide-fit trail shoe that you need in your collection for anything from short off-road to those longer miles on types of terrain. The true test of this shoe though is when you are putting down the long miles. it’s a shoe that is designed to help you remain comfortable (in your feet at least) when you are going those longer distances. 



Inov-8 Trailfly G 270 V2

A recent addition to the list, this shoe has proved itself to be a proper contender especially when it comes to going the distance.

For a full review of this Montane Spine Race 24 Winning shoe, click here. 

Being able to run 269 miles in the same shoes across the Pennines during winter and setting a record by over ten hours surely makes this ultra running shoe a great contender and we have always found inov-8 to have a generous toe box across most of their range. 




Nike Pegasus GTX for Trail

Not only does the Nike Pegasus GTX feature in our selection of the best waterproof trail running shoes, but it is also a great contender when it comes to wide-fit trail shoes. It will keep your feet dry in all wet conditions and can deal with rocky terrain. The grip and durability are impressive however, don’t expect this to be too fast when racing. What you will get is a wide, bouncy, and comfortable shoe that will look after your feet on your challenging trail runs. 

We love the Pegasus Zoom road shoe which is why this was the obvious choice for us. It is so roomy that I don’t have the battle with bunion pain when I am wearing these shoes. We have put Nike Pegasus through their paces over marathon distance and beyond and recommend this shoe if you’re training for those shorter ultras. 

NIKE wide fit



Inov-8 X Talon 235

Designed for the muddier trails, the Inov-8 X Talon 235 has an impressive set of lugs. Like so many of the Inov-8 range, they have a lower profile to help you fly over the trails with less of a risk of rolling an ankle. The great news is they are among the top models recommended for those with wide feet. 

wide fit inov8 x-talon trail shoes


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Salomon Speedcross Wide Fit (2E) Trail Shoe

There is no doubt that the Salomon Speedcross is a firm favourite with many seasoned trail runners. We love this shoe and are delighted that they have applied all of the features of this all-around trail running shoe to a wider-fitting version. The Speedcross is a great, lightweight shoe for all kinds of trails. You can read more about our experience here.

In order to understand the sizing, you should know that they go from narrow to wide alphabetically. In this case, you will see letters after the model – 2E meaning EE which is the widest fitting version that you can get. We are showing the 2E model below. 

mens wide trail running shoessalomon wide trail shoes


Hoka Challenger 7 (Wide)

The Hoka Challenger 7 is a neutral shoe, designed to transfer from the road to the trails. It can take you to the front door to the trails with both comfort and cushioning. A great shoe for racing and long training runs, the outsole is spaced closer on the heel to offer a smoother, consistent ride. With a wider forefront for added grip, this shoe is available in a wide fit for those who want a roomier shoe. 

Remember when selecting this shoe to click the tab that says wide fit when selecting your size. 




wide fit ladies hoka challenger



Brooks Cascadia 16

Brooks Cascadia 16 is a supportive shoe that provides comfort and stability on the trails. Great for those who want support on rigid and rough terrain, the shoe isn’t a bouncy cushioned shoe but it is lightweight, grippy, and flexible with a Ballistic Rock Shield which includes vertical grooves to provide side-to-side adaptability and a design that protects you from slipping. 

The Brooks Cascadia 16 is great on technical trail which unpredictably means that you can find yourself dealing with a change in terrains. When downhill descents and uneven surfaces occur, you can be confident that this shoe will offer you the support you need. 

For those with narrow feet, they find the shoe a little roomy so have to tighten the laces to get a more snug fit. Good news for those with wide feet. If you want a shoe for the wider foot, this is certainly a contender! 

brooks cascadia wide brooks cascadia 16


Hoka Tecton X 

An update to this article adds the Hoka Tecton X to this list. After trying out Hoka’s first offering in the carbon fibre plate field, we were pleasantly surprised at just how much room there is in the toe box of this shoe. In fact, they are a little like wearing slippers. Having run in them on multiple occasions from mid to long distance, we are yet to find anything negative about this shoe. While they won’t stick in mud during the wetter months, they are a great shoe for dry conditions and less rugged terrain and definitely worth a look if you’re looking for a shoe for speedier endeavours! 

For a full round up of this shoe you can visit our product review 

hoka carbon plate shoe


Tips for Choosing Shoes for Wide Fit

Although many of you choose to buy your trail shoes online, if you do have the opportunity to try before you buy, here are a few tips:

  • Measure the width of your feet to ensure that the shoe is wide enough
  • Wear your normal running socks when trying on the shoe. If you tend to wear thicker socks, this will be important to ensure that you are going to be comfortable. 
  • Do your research – you can check out a few blogs where they share their top list of wide-fit trail shoes – make sure that you are seeing the same information consistently. If you see different shoes recommended on different sites, it’s probably not indicative of a popular wider-toe box shoe.
  • Get a gait analysis. This will help you understand more about how your foot places when you run. 

Finding the Best Wide Fit Trail Shoes for You 

If having wide feet prevents you from finding the right trail shoe fit, we are confident that the models above give you enough choice to find the best trail wide fit trail shoes for you. You certainly don’t have to compromise regarding quality and experience. 


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