We love trying new products and reviewing them for our audience to make their own informed decisions and this particular product was no exception to this, especially with a bout of marathon training coming up and some bigger base miles going in. We were delighted to received this the day before Christmas Eve with a request to write a Bob & Brad Massage Gun Review. Of course, who are we to say no.

Luckily this came at just the right time as the base miles have started to ramp up at the start of my London Marathon Training plan. I had my first chance to use it after our local Boxing Day race. A slight calf niggle reared its head and i had that familiar feeling of panic – good grief – how am I going to get through a marathon training programme. Anyway, it was time to put the Bob & Brad Massage Gun to the test. 

A Massage Gun Developed by Physiotherapists 

Of course, it’s not hard to work out what the physiotherapists behind this massage gun are – yep, Bob Schrupp & Brad Heinec, who have quite the social media following. They intentionally designed and built this massage gun to improve patient and athlete recovery. This C2 deep tissue massage gun is deceptively powerful, giving out a high-intensity massage that is effective at relieving muscle tension while feeling gentle. But while we could give you all of their credentials and how amazing they say this product is, let’s test it ourselves.

The Packaging 

First of all, let’s talk about the case. It’s a decent case with a carry handle and everything was beautifully packaged inside. The item had arrived well packaged from Amazon too to avoid it getting damaged when the delivery driver wangs it over the side gate – they don’t all do it but sone of them do! First impressions were good and much better branding than the $40 one I purchased last time. 

The Massage Gun

The battery powered massage gun weighs in at 1.5lb and is 8.66 inches high by 7.32 inches wide. It has a soft grip ergonomic handle for comfort and ease of use and is charged via USB for a fast charge. 


The massage gun comes with five different attachments, each designed to target specific muscle groups! 


With five different intensity levels ranging from 2000rpm for main modulation to 3,200 for muscle recovery. 

running massage gun review


It’s not overly noisy and is billed as the quietest gun on the market meaning you should be able to sit there and use it while you and the family are watching TV or when your partner is trying to sleep. While it is quiet, we wouldn’t say you would want to use around a light sleeper however, it’s certainly quieter than the TV, the vacuum cleaner or people talking. 

How We Found It

I mentioned a slight calf niggle but I am also coming off the back of a knee issue. I have used this gun on both and, using it on the highest of speeds, I actually find that it 1. gets the knots out of my calves and 2, my knee issue always feels better after using this gun. I can actually climb stairs now without issue.

I have only been using massage guns for a year or two preferring to rest and recover naturally previously. I definitely found they speed recovery. Having used three massage guns now, this definitely tops the list for ease of use and the fact that I don’t have to faff around setting my own speed as I scroll up and down the individual numbers. It is a definite recommend from me.

Other Features

  • Lightweight
  • 10 minute timer auto-off protection
  • Targeted treatment for quick recovery
  • Energy saving using third of the power of brushed motors
  • Over 5 years battery life

What Do Others Say? 

If you want a more in depth Bob & Brad Massage Gun and wish to garner the opinions of others, you only have to head over to their Amazon page where they have almost 7,000 reviews! A four and a half star rating means that it’s been tried and tested by over 6,000 satisfied customers. 

Interested in purchasing one yourself and found our Bob & Brad Massage Gun Review useful? They are available both in the US and the UK from Amazon.