If you want to use core exercise to improve your trail running, you don’t have to invest in lots of hi-tech fancy equipment. In fact, much of the core work that we do is done without using any aids. We refer you to our previous exercise guide for core training exercise for trail running. However, we do like to use certain tools to focus on specific muscle groups and to increase the intensity of our workouts. A particular favourite of ours is using a kettlebell to work the upper body and the arms. It can also double up as an aid to working on those core muscles for exercises such as Russian twists.

Whether you choose to use equipment for your core exercise, is all down to personal choice and what you prefer. You don’t have to spend a fortune creating your own home gym and you don’t need equipment that will take up lots of space. If you do want to invest in a few pieces however, this is what we would recommend:

Disclaimer: Many of our posts contain affiliate links. We may earn commissions if you shop through the links on this page although we only ever recommend products that we genuinely believe will enhance your trail running experience.

All of the equipment listed below can be found on Amazon, much of it with next day delivery so there are really no excuses 😉

Amonax Convertible Ab Wheel Roller 

The Amonax Convertible Ab Wheel Roller comes with a large knee mat to assist you with your core abs rollout exercise. This double wheel set with dual fitness strength training modes is ideal for use at home if you want to focus on core working your abdominal muscles.


TRX GO Suspension Trainer System

The TRX GO Suspension Trainer System is lightweight and portable. Ideal for full body workouts, it is suitable for all levels and all goals. Included in the kit are a poster, 2 workout guides and anchors for both indoors and outdoors. 


JLL® Medicine Balls 1-10kg


These JLL Médecine Balls are heavy duty rubber balls. colour coded weights, they are ideal for core training. They can be used for strength training, Crossfit, HIIT or rehab training. 


Beast Gear Core Sliders

With these double sided gliding discs, build functional core strength and get that 6 pack! The core sliders offer an intense work out for the deep abdominals muscles. The Beast Gear Core Sliders are double sided, so you can use them on carpet and on hardwood floors! Workout at home and get results.


Reebok Stability Gymball



In addition to the Gymball, you also get a workout DVD and Gymball pump. The weighted base adds stability and prevents the ball from rolling during exercise. Use it for sit ups, core strength, stability, and general fitness. This particular size is perfect for those that are between 5ft 8 and 6ft 1 in height. 

URBNFit Half Ball Balance Trainer



This stability ball trainer with resistance bands is a great aid for exercising both the core and your full body. Designed  for all fitness levels, it improves core strength & compliments high-intensity cardio routines! A great aid for core exercise for trail running as it will not only strengthen the core but also help you to improve your balance on the technical trails.  


Fitness Mad Safety Resistance Trainer


While some of you may have seen the latex tube bands, this Resistance Trainer offers a safer and more robust alternative. Not only that but the handles allow for them to be looped around an immovable object to facilitate exercises without having to be tied. 


Phoenix Vinyl Kettlebell

This is one of our particular favourites. The kettlebell comes in a range of weights. We recommend starting with either a 4kg or a 6kg and building up from there. You can either buy a single kettlebell or purchase a collection of different sizes. They are great for exercises such as two-handed or one-handed kettlebell swings, renegade rows and Russian twists. Even if you just add a kettlebell to your collection, you will feel the benefit in your upper body. 


Maximo Exercise Mat

This extra thick exercise mat is ideal for yoga, home workouts, workouts outside and exercises such as sit ups, press ups and planks. Available in a variety of colours, the extra thick design offers more comfort and protection from the hard ground. 



As we have already said, you don’t need these pieces of equipment necessarily for an effective core workout however, some of them will help you. These are our recommendations, there are plenty of alternatives available online. If you have any suggestions, tips or techniques, we’d love to hear from you.