If you’re considering compression socks for running, and not sure which ones to try, you may find our Danish Endurance Compression Socks Review useful. 

Updated – 27/03/22

Choosing Compression Socks for Running

I’ve been running for a good few years now and only once worn compressions socks for running once – until recently. The one time I did wear them was when I ordered a cheap pair of compressions socks as loads of my fellow club runners were wearing them. I figured that if you were a runner, you had to have all the gear – I clearly had no idea! I wore this cheap, low budget pair that I had done absolutely no research on once and they kept slipping down while I was running. I just didn’t get on with them What a load of rubbish I thought – not wearing them! That was the end of my compression wearing sock, until recently.

Why I Decided to Revisit Compression Socks

My decision to give compression socks for trail running another chance followed a long conversation and a bit of a laugh with some friends about how you had to wear compressions socks to look like our speedy friend who we call ‘elite’. If we at least looked the part, we might be quicker 😉. Obviously this was all tongue and cheek fun but I started giving some thought to getting a pair of them. after all, everyone else was wearing them and I will admit, I had a bit of FOMO.

The final straw was an argument with a bramble bush on my last off road run where I got a bramble wrapped round my ankle and several scratches up my shins. Perhaps compressions socks were the answer. I’d also been suffering with calf pain on tougher clubs too in the first couple of miles of my runs so this may help that too, right? 

Straight to Amazon to Search

I did what I always do when looking for new, non shoe-related, running gear – I went straight to Amazon and searched for compressions socks. After looking at a few pairs, I was particularly drawn to the Danish Endurance brand. not sure if it was the name, the photos or the fact that they had over 8000 reviews that did it but I liked the look of these. They weren’t entry-level price, they weren’t massively expensive and, like so many things I order; they were “Amazon’s Choice”. What can go wrong at less than £20? 

Danish Endurance Compression Socks Review

DANISH ENDURANCE Graduated Compression Socks 

They come in a range of colours and various sizes. The description said true to size so I went ahead and ordered my usual size. 

They came the next day! Got to love Amazon Prime. I’ve certainly had my money’s worth. 

If first impressions count, I can tell you that the Danish Endurance Graduated Compression Socks, for women & men, certainly made a good one with their eco-friendly recyclable packaging. Cute! Not over packaged like so many things I receive and no plastic! Big tick. 

compressions socks for running

Designed for Running, Sports & Athletic and to boost circulation & recovery, these sports compressions socks are recommended by Olympic Gold medal winner, Casper U. Mortensen who constantly tests Danish Endurance socks during his training for FC Barcelona to ensure the highest standards of performance and material endurance

The First Wear 

I was going out for a trail run on my own. It would be muddy and there would be plenty of foliage to contend with. I thought it would be an ideal time to test them, plus I am always excited to try new running gear. I was nervous about having to stop to keep pulling them up but I needn’t have been. They fit like a glove. They are comfortable and I have discovered that they have a long list of benefits. Ready?

  • They are comfortable and fit really well – no slippage at all!
  • Stopped my legs from getting muddy!
  • Didn’t get any new bramble scratches
  • Actually felt quite cosy without my shins being exposed
  • Didn’t bother shaving my legs – big plus (sorry guys)
  • I felt like a proper runner – I feel like I might look like one too 😉 

And here’s where I was really surprised. The first mile and a half I was climbing to a trig. Usually by this point my calves hurt and this lasts for at least half a mile before it subsides. The pain started and I thought “here we go again” then it went. Maybe the socks were a placebo but talking to other runners, they swear by them. I was really quite pleased with my purchase after that run. I text my friend and said “I’m converted, ordering more now” and so I did.

In fact, I have just got back in from a road run – I popped the socks on again. A friend of mine had hers on too – I decided I needed a few more pairs. Do I recommend them? It’s a big yes from me.

3 Months Later

I decided to revisit this blog today because for the first weekend in 3 months I have run off road without compression socks. My reason for doing this? I didn’t want squashie legs. If you don’t know what I am referring to – they are a pink and white sweets – the kind of look you get when you get tan marks the first day of holiday when you are wearing a t-shirt! I thought I better air the lower part of my legs or this year’s summer holidays may be a source of entertainment for others around the pool.

While I did catch a bit of sunshine on my legs, I also really noticed not wearing them. The first climb I felt the old tightness creeping back in my calves and I had sore calves for a while. I had noticed that this had stopped since wearing the socks. I don’t know – it could be a placebo thing but to my mind, it’s the socks. I also like wearing them – the comfort and support you get from them. I did feel a little odd without them. Anyway, even more reason why I love the Danish Endurance compressions socks which are by far still the best pair I have bought!

Do you wear compression socks? If so, we’d love to hear which brand and type you recommend – mainly so I can try out, and review, some more. It’s a tough job but someone has got to do it.

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