Whenever someone asks me about the Fenix 6 watch and which one I purchased, I often find myself being asked various questions about the size, price, and its various features. The Fenix 6 series is, as the name suggests, a group of watches with different features, at varying price points, in a range of colours and styles. To be honest, it can all be a tad confusing. Questions arise like – ‘What’s the difference between the 6X and the 6S?’ and ‘Why is that one more expensive than this one?’ To try and answer some of your questions, we decided to write a guide to the Garmin Fenix 6 range without all the tech guff – just plain and simple layman terms which tell you what you need to know. If you are looking for a trail running watch, and considering the Fenix 6 range, read on to discover which one might be the most suitable for you. 

Updated 30/07/23

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The Main Difference

One of the main differences in the Garmin Fenix 6 range is the size of each model. In the main, the most noticeable difference other than the bezel or watch colour is the size of the screen.

Sizes Explained

Fenix 6S is the smallest of the range and measures 42mm in diameter 

Fenix 6 – 47mm is in diameter

Fenix 6X – 51mm is in diameter 


Battery life 

The Fenix 6X, having the largest screen of the three, also has the longest battery life. Essentially, you can relate the size of the screen to the length of battery life with 6S being the smallest screen and shortest battery life. 

The following times are how long the battery is expected to last in the various modes – GPS while running, GPS+ music and the watch being used in smart mode.

  • Fenix 6S – 25 hours GPS, 6 hours GPS+ music, smart mode 9 days
  • Fenix 6 – 36 hours GPS, 10 hours GPS+ music, smart mode 10 days
  • Fenix 6x – 60 hours, 15 hours GPS+ music, smart mode 15 days

The Different Fenix 6, 6S and 6X Models 

There are 5 different models in total – each of the 3 sizes – 6, 6S and 6X all having various models. Look at what is written after the 6, 6S or 6X to determine the model 


The Silver model is the lightest and with the least features. It should be noted that it DOES NOT HAVE the following features which could be a major consideration when you purchase one of the models within the range. If you plan on running self navigation ultra marathons, this may not be the trail running watch for you – especially if you are going to rely on the built-in map feature which this model does not have.

  • Garmin Pay
  • Garmin Music, 
  • Wi-Fi 
  • Built-in map 
  • More advanced training functions 


The standard edition of the Garmin Fenix 6 with all the advanced functions that you don’t get with the Silver edition. It also has the Corning Gorilla Glass that you will find in most Garmin watches.


The difference between the Sapphire and the Pro is the screen glass. This particular model features scratch-free sapphire glass. 

Sapphire Titanium 

Almost identical to the Sapphire model however the crown is made in titanium. This makes the watch lighter than the Sapphire. 

Pro Solar

If you want to extend the battery life of your watch then choose the Pro Solar version. It has all the same functions as both the Pro and Sapphire models but the difference is the glass is solar powered allowing you to run for longer. This is the kind of watch you want if you tend to compete in 24-hour or longer ultra marathons. 


The New Fenix Updated Map Function 

The Garmin Fenix 6 has a pre-installed topographical Europe map with a real turn-by-turn navigation. It’s similar to what you would expect from the standard driver’s sat nav, recognising street names, landmarks etc.

The Garmin Fenix 6 will pick out the popular routes and roads that other Garmin users use.

Pace Pro Feature

The watch also features Pace Pro, which lets you program how long you want the route to take you. Based on the time you give it, and what it knows about the terrain (elevation etc), it will calculate the pace you should be running the different sections art.

For those who really love their stats, it will also calculate your pace based on a negative split strategy.  

Below you will find a list of all Garmin Fenix 6 models. As you can see there are a number of models all in different colours. 

The Silver Range

  • Fenix 6S Silver with Black Band (no MAP/Music/Pay)
  • Fenix 6S Silver with White Band (no MAP/Music/Pay)
  • Fenix 6 Silver with Black Band (no MAP/Music/Pay)

The Pro Models:

  • Fenix 6S PRO Rose Gold with White Band (Glass)
  • Fenix 6S PRO Black with Black Band (Glass)
  • Fenix 6 PRO Slate Grey with Black Band (Glass)
  • Fenix 6X PRO Slate Grey with Black Band (Glass)

The Sapphire Models:

  • Fenix 6S Sapphire Rose Gold with Gray Band
  • Fenix 6S Sapphire Carbon Grey with Black Band
  • Fenix 6S Sapphire Rose Gold/Black with Nylon Band
  • Fenix 6S Sapphire Champagne with Shale Band
  • Fenix 6 Sapphire Black with Black Band
  • Fenix 6 Sapphire Black DLC with Neutral Nylon Band
  • Fenix 6X Sapphire Black with Black Band
  • Fenix 6X Sapphire Black with Brown Leather Band

The Sapphire Titanium:

  • Fenix 6 Sapphire Titanium Grey with Orange Band
  • Fenix 6 Sapphire Titanium Grey with Ti Band

Pro Solar:

  • Fenix 6X PRO Solar Carbon Grey DLC with Black Band
  • Fenix 6X PRO Solar Titanium with Ti Band

The model in the Garmin Fenix 6 range that you choose will depend on your individual requirements as a trail runner, and what other exercise you participate in. If you tend to run a lot of self nav ultras on tricky terrain and need a decent battery life, your choice will be different to that of a hobby trail runner that likes to hit the trails for a few miles on the weekend. You may also have a size preference – preferring a smaller watch if you have smaller wrists for example.

All of the differences aside, there is no denying that the Fenix 6 range is the king among trail running watch and the Garmin range in particular.