Running for the Hills is first and foremost a trail running website. That’s my passion. My other half is a decent trail runner but he is also a very decent road runner and has been working with me to help me rediscover my speed after a few years of running trails. I don’t really know how I ended up focusing on road speed again – I hate racing but here we are. I did a 10k, I wasn’t that bad without any specific training so I figured what the hell. One last hurrah before I turn 50 next year to see where I am. I must also point out I am currently peri-menopausal, taking HRT and actually settling into a decent running routine. Anyway, I digress. I really do need to talk about the Nike Alphafly 3. 

This is not a review – more of a rave

This is not a review – it’s not a ploy to sell them although I am going to share a link – it’s just a desire to share my excitement for them. You see when it comes to the fancy carbon plate shoes I was the last to the party – I watched everyone else around me sporting the Alphaflys, the Vaporflys, and the various iterations of them and I would wait until they dropped in price and then get a pair from wherever I could (not in the best colours either) however, on this occasion, I saw these and thought why not. I was among the early adopters for a change and ordered myself a pair of Alphafly 3s. They matched my club colours, they were new and shiny and if I was going to be entering 5k, 10k and other events that required me to run at vomit-inducing speed, I was having the shoes. 



Just look at them

They came and I was straight to Instagram to share them – OMG look at them looking all fabulous in their new box. They come in a dap bag (that’s a proper school saying, right?) – that also matched my club colours. I wore them to a local club race. People who didn’t have them were commenting on them, people who did have them were sharing their excitement for them and then, when I went to watch the London Marathon everyone was wearing them – super exciting that I actually had a pair.

nike alphafly 3

Just look at those bad boys!

How do they feel?

So how do they feel? Well, once you get used to the feel of them on the end of your feet, and actually start to run in them, you will be more than happy. They feel incredible. I wore them for my first prom run 5-mile race in 5 years and I was within seconds of my PB – come on, we know they make you faster – who is going to dispute that? Combined with the fact that I had lost half a stone, here I was back at my best and raring to go again. 

The issue is, you want to run everywhere in them and your everyday Pegasus just don’t cut it anymore. You have to be disciplined here and save them for best. When you go out for that long Sunday run and want a spring in your step, they kind of stare at you from the shoe stand shouting ‘Pick me, pick me’. My other running friends have not been so disciplined – they can’t not run in them. I tell them they are for ‘special occasions’ – that you won’t feel the benefit of them if you wear them all the time (reminds me of my nan saying you won’t feel the benefit if you wear your coat inside). So I don’t even do my warm-up in them – for now they are only allowed for racing. So far they have done 8 miles – they are going to last me a while (which is good because they are not cheap). 

What should you use them for?

Now they are billed as a marathon shoe and I can confirm that I have run a marathon in the Alphsfly 2 – they proved very comfortable – no lost toenails either during the race or the training and I always lose toenails. this was the first marathon cycle which I managed to keep them all. That said, the first 10k I ran in them, I did get a blister on the inside of the arch of my foot – it didn’t happen again though. 

You will see people running all distances in them – it’s all about preference. I just like them for anything that involves racing whether that be a 5k or a marathon. 

How do they work?

So, for those of you who say you shouldn’t duplicate content from another website I am going to do exactly that here because this is what Nike have to say about them 

“Fine-tuned for marathon speed, the Alphafly 3 helps push you beyond what you thought possible. Three innovative technologies power your run: a double dose of Air Zoom units helps launch you into your next step; a full-length carbon-fibre plate helps propel you forwards with ease; and a heel-to-toe ZoomX foam midsole helps keep you fresh from start to 26.2. Time to leave your old personal records in the dust.”

Where can you get them? 

Well, they keep coming in and out of stock so you’ve got to be patient – some of you will click below and realise they are out of stock, others will be lucky and they will be back in. Let’s face it, with such a huge market for them, they are going to be back in stock before you know it. 

I prefer to get my shoes from Nike because their returns policy is incredible and they are just so much easier to deal with. Try returning a pair of them to Sportsshoes – not so easy! 



Do you need them?

What do any of us need? My dad will say that in his day they didn’t have fancy shoes, they didn’t have fancy watches, they didn’t take gels during half marathons or marathons. I like them – they give me a bit of an edge, they are easier on my legs which don’t feel so fatigued after racing when I wear them. I have the Alphafly 2s as well – I like them too but I really like the 3s. 

racing shoes

Me in race mode!