Whether you are crossing streams on your favourite trail or running through snow and rain, you need a shoe that is up to the job of keeping your feet dry while being comfortable and dealing with the terrain. Enter the Nike Pegasus Trail GTX shoe which is designed for exactly that. Let’s take a look at this waterproof trail shoe and how it stands up to the job in our Pegasus Trail GTX review.

What Makes the Nike Pegasus GTX Trail Shoe Waterproof? 

If you know your waterproof trail shoes then you will know that a shoe with the letters GTX after the name refers to GORE-TEX – the material that makes a shoe waterproof. The GORE-TEX upper of the Nike Pegasus Trail GTX helps your feet stay dry but also works hard to give you the comfortable feel that you get from the normal Pegasus Trail shoe. For those rainy days, it’s the perfect companion. 

What to love….

  • When it comes to being waterproof, the Nike Pegasus Trail GTX is an outstanding choice
  • Works really well on road-to-trail  
  • They offer a lively ride – you will cover the ground with a spring in your step
  • Light and very comfortable
  • Great traction and grip
  • Suitable for autumn and winter
  • True to size although we always go a half size up in all Nike shoes but that’s a personal preference
  • Durable – you will get your money’s worth out of them

What you may not love…

Come on… there has to be a section on what’s not great about them. After all, has anyone found the perfect shoe yet?

  • Let’s face it, they are waterproof – they aren’t designed to be breathable. Wear them in the summer and you will get hot feet!
  • While lighter than what they feel, you may find them bulky
  • Not as much protection as other shoes when it comes to rocky terrain
  • Buy the lighter colours and they are going to get dirty
  • While billed as a road-to-trail shoe, the outsole will wear quickly if used too much on the road

So if you are looking to add to your collection for the autumn/winter wet season, or your route features streams and stretches of water then a waterproof shoe is a good choice. 

The difference between the Nike Pegasus 3 and 4

Here is a comparison of the Pegasus Trail 4 and the Pegasus Trail 3:

Pegasus Trail 4

  • Softer and lighter than the Pegasus Trail 3
  • New outsole design with more flexibility
  • Improved upper with more breathability and support

Pegasus Trail 3

  • More stable than the Pegasus Trail 4
  • More protective on rocky terrain
  • Outsole more durable on pavement


A Choice of Colours

Available in a variety of colours, you don’t have to just stick with black like some GTX models. As with all Nike models, there are some funky colours to choose from (even if they will end up brown from the mud). Don’t make the mistake of choosing a light colour and hoping they will stay like that – even a waterproof shoe has its limits.

Men’s Nike Pegasus Trail GTX Colours 

While you may spend your time running through mud in a waterproof shoe, you may not be too concerned about colour however, being that they are waterproof, you will certainly be able to wash the mud off easily enough. 

Alligator/Mint Foam/Canyon Rust/Orange Trance

mens nike pegasus trail gtx

Black/Reflect Silver/Wolf Grey

barely grape nike pegasus trail gtx

Barely Grape/Barely Green/Yellow Strike/Total Orange

light bone pegasus gtx

Light Bone/Cargo Khaki/Summit White/Bicoastal

medium blue pegasus trail

Velvet Brown/Black/Golden Moss/Medium Blue

Women’s Nike Pegasus Trail GTX Colours 

womens nike pegasus trail gtx

Features of the Nike Pegasus Trail GTX

Discover the features of this popular Nike waterproof trail shoe:

  • Less rubber along the outsole which creates a smooth transition from road to trail. 
  • Rubber outsole around the front of the shoe for extra durability.
  • A generative traction pattern combined with rubber in the forefoot provides extra grip for technical trails and a smooth road ride.
  • The shoe also features a gaitor on the collar of the heel to prevent debris and water from getting in. 
  • Nike React technology – a lightweight yet durable foam that offers a smooth and responsive ride.

If you are looking for a great all-round, comfortable trail shoe that will keep your feet dry in wet conditions then the Nike Pegasus Trail GTX waterproof running shoe is a great choice. With Nike’s innovative technology and reputation, it’s a serious contender for the best waterproof trail shoe and offers many of the benefits that Nike has built their running shoe reputation on. If you are ready to invest in a pair, you will find them at the below link.


Please bear in mind, that we may get paid a small commission if you choose to purchase these shoes but we only recommend shoes that we have worn and reviewed ourselves so we truly believe in what we are saying.