Until recently I have to admit, I hadn’t heard of Oofos. It was one of those brands that maybe someone had mentioned but that hadn’t really registered. Then, the day before a recent race, I found a pair of Oofos recovery sandals in my wardrobe that I had been given for Christmas. I decided to give them a go. I packed them in my bag and thought I’d swap out my Alphalflys for these, post-race. 

What a pleasant discovery

I didn’t really have any expectations. These flip-flops were a gift and just one of those bits of kit that I hadn’t realised I needed. Well, let me tell you… these are often the best bits of kit! I suffered really badly with squashed toes on this race – it was hot and my Alphaflys, which had seen me through the London Marathon unscathed, decided that they were going to give me some serious toe blisters that day. It was one of those scenarios where I knew it wasn’t going to be pretty when I took my socks off! Blood blister the size of my toe on one foot and several blisters on both feet. Unusual as I normally wear these shoes without issue. 

Like walking on cushions

Anyway, I popped on the Oofos sandals and was pleasantly surprised at how comfortable they are. I am a fan of a pair of flip-flops but most of the time, I have Havaianas which are flat without cushioning. Therefore, it was clear to recognise the cushioning and support in these Oofos flip-flops. I had to walk about a mile back to where we had parked and was so glad of their support. They are very well cushioned and offer you the support you are glad of after a long run where your feet have battered. 

Now I don’t take them off!

The trouble is – now I wear them everywhere! I walked the dog the other day in them. Then I had to pop out down the road – wore my Oofos. I think they are now my summer shoes, so I will need to purchase more pairs. OK, they aren’t; the most fashionable thing but they are soooo comfortable. I refuse to go to the dark side of Crocs but I am certainly happy to wear a pair of these. 

I have seen loads of reviews about the Oofos sliders too, so I will check them out next. Although, I refuse to wear sliders with socks like my teenagers! 

Want to check them out for yourself? I found a good range on Amazon in all different colours – the average price about £50. When you consider a pair of Havaianas can cost around £25 I thought this was good value – especially when we spend so much on running shoes. 

Do yourself a favour and get yourself a pair for after your longer runs! You can get them in unisex and they come in a range of colours so there is something to suit everyone. Mine are colourful and perhaps not what I would have chosen for myself but they do lots of plain options too.