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It’s no surprise that trail running has increased in popularity so much in the the past few years both as an individual and team pursuit. It has so much to offer. In addition to getting fit for a relatively low cost, it also offers the freedom of open spaces, the green fields that stretch on for miles, superb sunsets and sunrises and spectacular views that you can only get from an exhilarating climb… 

At Runningforthehills.com, we want to help runners explore their love of the trails whether a beginner or a more experienced endurance runner that  likes to test the limits and run for miles. As trail runners ourselves, we are always looking for the best shoes, the most comfortable shorts that don’t chafe, the hydration packs for the longer runs as well as exploring new routes, finding new views and sharing our experiences with friends.

We don’t claim to know everything, or insist that there is a right or wrong approach to trail running however, the faces behind the concept are qualified UKA coaches so we do know a thing or two about running.

For us, trail running is a passion. It’s what gets us out of bed on those cold, dark winter mornings and what keeps the blood pumping. We love to share our passion for running with others but we keep it simple. We just enjoy the great outdoors. Having run some big miles ourselves and scaled a number of climbs, we are always testing new gear, finding new routes and looking for new challenges.

We hope that you find the information on these pages useful and that you get the same kind of joy that we at Running for the Hills get from trail running. 



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