As runners who are always looking for the most comfortable and effective gear, we were particularly interested to try a pair of Red on Socks and see how they compare to our other favourite socks such as Twin Skins, Injinji and More Mile. We have worn them in a number of conditions both wet and dry, hot and not so hot, off road, road, speed reps, long slow runs and on varying terrain so feel confident in writing a comprehensive Red on Socks review.

Red on Socks – The Company

Developed by Coach Mike Chadwick, The Tactical Athlete Coach, Red on Socks are designed to ensure comfort in those blister hotspots – namely, the heels and toes. They are also breathable where sweat would normally build up. With compression around the achilles tendon, they help improve elastic energy return. This almost doubles running economy, making you much more efficient when running. 

Our first decision was which ones to try. If I am not wearing long compression socks, I always opt for a low range sock. I really don’t like having socks above the top of the shoe – mainly for vanity reasons and the fact that the runner’s tan is bad enough around the short line and the racer back without making myself look even more like a Drumstick Squashie. So I chose the Low Tri Tech Crew Socks in black. 

red on socks review

Comfort and Support  

These socks mould to your feet with their soft, stretchy fabric offering a snug and supportive fit. They are comfortable and stay in place mile after mile. I have worn them for 20 mile runs and sprint reps. They are effective in all scenarios. Being a little thicker, owing to the level of cushioning that they provide, I did wonder if they would be suitable in warm conditions but the high quality moisture-wicking fabric means that they keep sweat away from your feet. 

They are extremely comfortable. They are certainly more cushioned than the Injinji and More Mile socks that I wear and offer my toes more protection. The seamless design means that there are no awkward lumps or bumps to contend with – just a smooth fit. 

The benefit of the of the extra cushioning in high stress areas was something that was particularly interesting to me. I do suffer from huge toe issues – whatever size shoe I wear, my toes always hit the front on the toe box – it’s just the shape of my feet and the way I run I guess. I’ve tried going up a size, up two sizes, down a size, tightened my laces, loosened them – I always suffer with toe blisters. I do find that these socks afford more protection to my feet meaning I can run for longer before I notice any toe pain. 

For example, todays’ 12 mile run would normally leave me with toe pain, red second toes and sore big toes when wearing my usual socks. I wore these, it was boiling hot and my I was sweating buckets – the socks came through for me and I am currently sat here feeling a little smug that my toes don’t hurt! Massive tick!

How They Wash and Wear

Of course, having run so many times before putting pen to paper so to speak before we give a confident Red on Socks review, we have been able to really put these socks through their paces and give you a warts and all review of how they stand up to regular washing and the pressure of so many different terrains. The good news is that the cushioning hasn’t dissipated at all. So many times, I buy a pair of socks, wash them a few times and then they lose their cushioning. often I buy white socks too which end up grey once they’ve been through the wash a few times. This socks have definitely kept their elasticity and their cushioning, as well as their colouring.


  • 37% TC Cotton
  • 58% MicroPolyester
  • 1% Nylon
  • 3% Rubber
  • 1% Spandex


The only downside of these socks was that they come up quite small. I had to order a size 9 to fit my size 7 feet but they are absolutely perfect in that size.

Overall Review

In summary, I have to say that while I do like the Ininji socks, I do actually prefer these Red on Socks for any of my runs long or short. They are in pile of ‘best gear’ – I am actually saving them for my next ultra along with a pair of Adidas shorts that I am particularly keen on. Having worn them for both trail and road runs in all of my shoes – Hoka Tecton X, inov-8 Rclite 290 and my Nike Pegasus Zoom, they are comfortable with all shoes and on all terrains.

If you are someone who likes trying new gear, always looking for the most comfortable and enduring gear and has found this Red on Socks review useful, check them out and grab yourself a pair.