It’s a fact that most runners have at least one running buff. In fact, at the time of writing this article, this was one of the most popular items sold on Amazon. But why? Well, my reason for getting out the laptop and creating this latest blog was the fact that I forgot mine on this morning’s run.

Normally, I have one around my wrist ready to wipe my brow (or my nose), or to wrap around my ears when it gets too cold (not after I have wiped my nose I hasten to add). I definitely felt the absence of mine today, like I had forgotten a vital bit of kit.

So, let’s just stop for a minute to appreciate the running buff, and the multitude of uses for this popular item.  As I already mentioned, you will always find one wrapped around my wrist. It’s my “just in case” running buff. It has become an essential part of many runner’s kit for a number of reasons. Come rain or shine, summer or winter, the running buff is an all year item of kit.

Benefits of a Running Buff

  • Keeping ears warm on a cold, windy day
  • Keeping the hair out of your face when it gets very windy
  • Keeping your neck warm
  • Warming up when stopping or after a run
  • Using as a bag to carry things (make sure you tie one end)
  • A face covering at a time when these are required in public
  • A fashion accessory to brighten up your gear
  • Wrapping around your wrist to wipe sweat (or snot)

Interesting fact: the word Buff comes from the Spanish word for scarf: bufanda!

A Dozen Ways to Wear it

There are in fact no less than a dozen ways to wear a running buff! Seriously! 12 different ways to wear it (and apparently there are more)

  • Snood
  • Headband
  • Neckerchief
  • Scarf
  • Under a cycle helmet (tenuous link there)!
  • Full face covering/mask
  • Half face covering/mask
  • Balaclava
  • Cap
  • Wristband (my personal favourite)
  • Bandana
  • Pirate

It’s not a bad item to invest in given the current requirement to wear masks in public places. At least you have something to put over your face should you need to make an emergency stop at a shop or to use the public loos.

running buff

Many race organisers actually give them out at events now. Recently we ran the Black Mountains Trail Half and at the finish line were awarded with a medal and a running buff. Given that I now have so many t-shirts, it’s always good to get a buff to add to the collection. I find that having one in every colour, means I can always accessorise.

How Do You Wear Yours?

Do you have a favourite running buff, did you get given one at a race, or do you like to accessorise your running gear? Let us know how you wear yours!

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