What is the best training plan for an ultra marathon?

There are several training plans, training methods and advice from many different coaches which are readily available on the internet. The general consensus is that you need to follow a 4-6 month training plan, where you increase the distance and your overall weekly mileage. For a 30 mile ultra, for example, your longest run will usually be no more than 25 miles. You can read more about the long run here.

When should I start training for an ultra marathon?

If you are planning to undertake an ultra in 2 months and are not yet past the half marathon stage in terms of distance, you may find it hard to fit the necessary training in. We usually say 16 weeks, which is something we follow ourselves having successfully completed a number of ultras. The more experienced runner who has a lot of ‘miles in the legs’ can often get away with 12 weeks if they have maintained their longer runs.

How do I get better at off road running?

There are many things to consider when running off road as trail running can be very different to road running. Some people find it is easier on the breathing because you are naturally slowed down by the terrain. However, this can be offset by the fact that the legs have to work harder on the different types of running surface – grass, mud, rocky paths etc. The level of concentration required can also be harder. The key is to practise – the more off road running you do, the better you will become.

How do I get better at climbing hills?

This is a question that we are regularly asked. The answer is simple – practise running up them! You can find some of our favourite hill rep sessions here.